We have sproutage!

48 hours later and my seeds have begun to sprout! Radishes first and 1 cucumber. Better get their real home ready!


New garden – I hope

The boys and I planted some seeds today and hope for successful germination! I planted the following:
– Cucumber “Bush Champion”
– Pumpkin “Triple Threat”
– Swiss Chard “Neon Lights Mix” and “Ruby”
– Peas “Burpeeana Early”
– Carrots “Scarlet Nantes”
– Radishes “Cherry Belle”

Wish us luck!!!

Disneyland Photos

Uploading photos from Disneyland now. (View Photos)


Let’s see if it works!

More Disneyland

Day two: we are having fun! Getting a little tired, but I don’t think my feet will actually fall off. At least I hope 🙂

Some pics from today. Hard to get any cause the boys are anti camera right now.


Let’s see if this works

Disneyland – first ride

Jackson, Mark and Larry are in Star Tours. Jameson is passed out, and I am trying to keep Yang from “making him more comfortable”. Aka waking him up :). He uses his Jedi mind tricks on her even when he is asleep.