Day 4

All seeds are sprouting, except the carrots. No sign of germination at all.

Radishes are crazy!

My radishes are going nuts! This after 72 hours! My cucumbers, chard and peas are atarting to sprout now too.

We have sproutage!

48 hours later and my seeds have begun to sprout! Radishes first and 1 cucumber. Better get their real home ready!

New garden – I hope

The boys and I planted some seeds today and hope for successful germination! I planted the following:
– Cucumber “Bush Champion”
– Pumpkin “Triple Threat”
– Swiss Chard “Neon Lights Mix” and “Ruby”
– Peas “Burpeeana Early”
– Carrots “Scarlet Nantes”
– Radishes “Cherry Belle”

Wish us luck!!!