Jackson voted for Obama

I am sure it is no surprise that I voted for Obama this year, as I have typically sided with Democrat candidates since I was old enough to vote (probably an understatement about my political views).  But two very interesting things happened this year,  1) for the first time ever Mark and I voted the same way, 2) Jackson voted too (well at least that is his story).  

Mark and I have had most of our political discussions after the boys went bed, because that is usually when we had time to watch the Tivo’d (is that a word?) debates or speeches.  Plus, we historically disagree when it comes to politics so we try and keep it to a low roar around the boys.  So I was amazed how early on that Jackson came home from school talking about Barack Obama and John McCain.  I thought we had exposed him very little to the politics going on, and he is 4!  Who would have thought he was listening to the small amount he heard!  

I guess there are a lot of Obama supporters at his school, and some of the children went to rallies with their parents, which explains it a bit more.  As things ramped up last week he kept saying that he hoped Obama would win and he wants to vote.  One day he asked me “why would someone vote for John McCain?”.  I smiled (thinking of all the ways I could answer that question), then did the right thing and gave him a very unbiased, general answer about democracy and choices.       

Today when we dropped off our ballets, he said “I am so excited to vote for Obama!”  Fast forward to a conversation we had when I picked him up after work (and about 10 more times later that evening).

          Jackson:  “Mommy, I voted for Barack Obama today.”  

          Mommy:  “really…”

          Jackson:   “Do you know why?”

          Mommy:   “I don’t know Jackson.  Why did you vote for Obama?”

          Jackson:    “because he’ not a loser”.  

Spoken like a true 4 year-old boy!  Everything boils down to being a winner or a loser.  I guess he was right though – Obama is officially the president elect, and not a loser.  :  )

p.s. before anyone thinks Mark and I voting the same is some sort of signal of the universe unfolding around us – don’t worry.  The presidential vote was the only one we agreed on.  All of the others we were back to normal canceling each other out with our opposing votes.