Lunch with Mark

Mark and I are eating lunch together right now. Mark is reviewing my last blog as I write this. His comment was “don’t you know about paragraphs?”


Back to work!!!


Another ER Picture

I am testing creating a blog from my phone. It is pretty easy!! Here is a close up of Jackson’s c-collar from this weekend. Don’t call it a brace. Poor guy! Thank goodness he is ok. Unfortunately he still thinks he is a gymnast. He was trying to do headstands and summersaults the next morning. Today – Jameson was trying too……. Aye goo!


We ended up taking Jackson to the ER on Sat evening. I guess a headstand gone wrong which led to a strained neck. He was very brave though, even though he tried to convince us he was ok every few minutes. He seems to be better now.

Home With Jameson

I am staying home with Jameson since he had to leave daycare early yesterday. He was not himself all morning. He seems to be much better today but hasn’t eaten much yet. He wants me to make him a Lincoln Logs house so I better go.

Here is a photo from Saturday when he felt much better.

My Rocket Ship

Ahh Legos…

June/July Photos

I just noticed that I didn’t have a post for June and July photos.  Click the “View Photos” link to take a look at them.

In June, you can see Jackson and the helmet, a birthday dinner at Rovers, the Aaron/Luke/Katrina birthday party, Jackson and Frankie, Po and Hansa visiting, Jackson at the aquarium, and more!

In July, you can see sprinkler fun, Fourth of July at the Pepers’, playground fun, the Tacoma waterfront, a Mariner’s game, a park in Lynnwood, the Bright Horizons picnic, scary pirates and more!

Woodland Park Zoo

Jackson’s fieldtrip to the zoo!