Can I Smash Him?

Jackson really enjoyed himself today on Grandpa Larry’s boat. Everytime we caught a fish he would grab the little club and ask if he could smash it. Kinda cute but we didn’t let him do it.

BTW, I am posting this from my iPhone while browsing the web and listening to the iPod at the same time. I also bought Angela her own iPhone last Friday since she kept playing with mine. It has been a blast using them to email and text each other ever since.


One Comment on “Can I Smash Him?”

  1. Stacy says:

    Hi Guys! Just thought I’d stop in & say hi & see what the Gibbs family is up to! I love reading your updates but I can’t see the photos 😦 I’ll have to try again later. Hope all is well & I miss you!
    xxoo-S. Mahfet

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