I Want A Really Big One!

In line now getting Jackson’s new *full* bed set up for delivery from Ikea. I hope he likes it, although he seemed pretty excited when we looked at it a couple weeks ago. They even had a cute orange blanket for him. You know, that is his favorite color :).


I have moved our blog to MySpace since that is where everyone seems to be nowadays. Our domain (igibbs.com) also points to MySpace as well. I am in the process of choosing a new online photo album so let me know if you have any suggestions. 

I really wanted to use .Mac but they only offer 10GB storage and seem to have problems with older browsers. Right now, SmugMug is the leading candidate since it looks nice, has unlimited storage for a reasonable price, and supports a nice iPhoto plug-in to upload.

Can I Smash Him?

Jackson really enjoyed himself today on Grandpa Larry’s boat. Everytime we caught a fish he would grab the little club and ask if he could smash it. Kinda cute but we didn’t let him do it.

BTW, I am posting this from my iPhone while browsing the web and listening to the iPod at the same time. I also bought Angela her own iPhone last Friday since she kept playing with mine. It has been a blast using them to email and text each other ever since.