School Portraits

Just added new portraits of the boys from daycare.


Casino Royale

Tulalip was pretty profitable for Angela and I. Well, thanks to me :). Angela came out even after a few hours of blackjack. I ended up quadrupling my initial “investment”. Thanks to Laura for watching the boys.

Toddler or Zombie?

Jameson is doing so well walking. I know he is not particularly early but still such a proud feeling. He now seems to favor walking over crawling, so they are in big trouble this week in daycare. He still looks a bit like a zombie as he walks but we are hopeful that this will resolve naturally :).

June Photos

Uploading photos right now. You can see us at Northwest Trek and the first pictures from the iPhone. The camera is actually pretty good so I will be including them in our monthly postings from now on. I have always saved the pictures from my old Razor but never posted them because of the low quality.