I gave the iRobot Roomba a try and it works great! I didn’t think it would really clean that well but it does an excellent job. Probably better than us, since “he” can be scheduled to clean every day when we are out of the house. I suppose I have officially shed any sort of geek moniker now. I mean, if owning a robot isn’t cool, I don’t know what is.

How Time Flies

Jameson is such a big boy now. He is really starting to dislike baby food and is in heaven when he can feed himself. He has taken to eggs, cereal, tofu, and pasta among other things. Daycare is pretty good about getting him new things to try everyday and we have been doing the same. He is going to start sitting in the big kid chairs tomorrow :). -Mark

Christmas Giving

We donated a ton of toys to Childhaven today, around 30 or so. It’s nice to know that some kids will be happy, for a little while at least, because of something we did.

Cash donations also made to the following:

We encourage you to donate to a cause close to your heart as well if you are able.

November Photos

Posted pictures from November.