New Developments

Jameson is doing very well! He is able to sit up by himself for a little while now, and can even adjust his balance if he starts tipping over. He isn’t able to be sat up and not supervised though. He rolled over from his back last week too! He is just growing up before our eyes! Looking at his chubby cheeks, it is hard to believe he was 2.5 lbs when he was born! You wouldn’t guess it at all!

Jackson is doing well too! We are all trying to get over being sick, but we are on our way to recovery now. Jackson is getting too grown up already. Last night he was asking me to do something (I believe he was asking me to leave where he was so that he could do something he wasn’t supposed to do). When I wouldn’t go, he said “Mommy, can you listen to my words? I need you to listen to my words Mommy”. He said this as he put his hand on my arm and looked me in the eyes. I guess that is what I sound and look like when I ask him to listen to my words!


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