October Photos

Posted pictures from October, a little earlier than last month :).


September Photos

Finally posted pictures from September. It has been a busy month :).

"You better tell your mom about that"

Things are going great here! Jackson and Jameson are such wonderful boys! Jameson is eating baby food 2 times per day now. He loves every food I have given him, and eats a ton of it! He is really trying to make up for the early start he had as a little preemie! Jackson is getting so grown up. The other day at dinner I spilled my drink and he said “Oh no mommy, you spilled your juice. You better tell your mom about that”. He then got down from his chair to help me clean it up (because I am slick and managed to spill all over the floor too). He was squating next to me under the table watching me wipe up the drink then said again “Oh no, you better tell your mom about that”. It was so funny! Work is super busy, but good at the same time. Over all things are great!


Well, the sod is still alive. No thanks to the neighborhood raccoons! They have already rolled up a bunch of rolls on multiple occasions. They haven’t been here in a couple of days so let’s hope they have tired of this very disconcerting pastime.