I just started playing around with so I added a tab for our bookmarks.

Air Conditioner

Well, last year after the hot summer we were going to get a portable air conditioner but of course that never happened. We sure wished we had one the past couple of weeks though. had a good deal on a 12,000 BTU one but it has been sold out for the past few days. Just saw it in stock a few minutes ago so I had to snag one. Even if the current heat wave is over, at least we will be ready for next year.

New Design

It seems that I can’t leave well enough alone. I have replaced the pictures section for the third time in a month, but this latest incarnation is my favorite. The pop-up window of the old photos section was starting to bug me, as was the new window for MySpace. I’ve tried my best to make these sections more seamless. The photos section also has a Mac OSX look and feel.


Well, I finally broke down and signed up for a MySpace account. I put a link above if you want to check it out. If you are on there too then add us as a friend :).

Jameson BBQ

Things are going pretty well here! We had a bunch of people over for a bbq to officially welcome Jameson to our family. We had a great time and it was nice seeing everyone! Jackson had a blast!!! So many people to play with and it was such a nice day. Jameson is doing great! I thought he was getting bigger so I thought I would weigh him yesterday. He weighs 10lbs now! Little piggy! He is such a good boy, and Jackson loves him so much. I have to tell him to stop kissing him so much so Jameson can get some air.