New Photos

Uploading pictures from Lauren’s graduation party as I type this.

New Photos

Posted some pictures from Luke’s birthday party.

2 Months

Things are going well at the Gibbs’ household. : ) Jameson had his 2 month check up today. He is just over 8lbs and is 19 3/4 inches long! The doctor said he is doing great. Poor guy had 5 shots today though. Mark said he got pretty upset.

Jackson is doing well also. He is talking so well now, it is crazy! The other night I was putting Jackson to bed, right before he fell asleep he grabbed my hand. He was gently patting my hand and kept saying “I’m loves you, I’m loves you”. He said it about 15 times, then put his hand on my leg, said “I’m loves you much” while he nodded his head. It wus so cute!! He fell asleep after that.

Jameson smiled for the first time on Tuesday (my b-day). I was talking to him and he smiled at me and was trying to talk. It was wonderful! I have two wonderful boys who sure know how to make their mommy feel loved!

Switch to Mac

We received our iMac on Friday and so far I really like OS X. I have some pictures to post but need to figure some things out first :).

New Photos

Just posted some pictures of Jackson and Jameson from various days.