18 Inches

Everything is going really well here! Jameson is growing every day! We took him to the doctor today and he weighs 5lbs 4 ounces, and is 18 inches long! He is getting more alert every day, and is eating a ton. He had an eye exam to make sure his retinas were developing fine (I guess preemies can have problems with the blood vessels), but he was good to go. We won’t have to worry about his eyes now, from both the CMV and preemie aspect. : )

Jackson still seems to like him, although I did have my first incident where Jackson didn’t want me holding Jameson. Jackson woke up at about 1:20 am the other night crying. I had just put a bottle in the warmer for Jameson to eat. I spent quite awhile trying to get Jackson back to sleep and right before he was about to fall asleep he rolled over and he had blood all over his face. He had a really bad nose bleed that took forever to get to stop. By time I got it stopped, it was almost 2 and Jameson was crying for his bottle. I was in the front room with both boys. Jameson was in my left arm and I was feeding him a bottle. My right arm was around Jackson hugging him, and since I haven’t grown a third arm yet – I resorted to holding the bottle in the right place with my mouth! If I attempted to use my arm that was holding Jackson to move the bottle at all, Jackson would say “No feed Jaseson, hug Jackson. Jackson’s mommy, no Jaseson”. He was so tired and his nose was bugging him, I felt bad for him.

So by 2:40 when I got both boys all taken care of and sleeping – I was TIRED! It did give me a good laugh though. Especially when I looked down and was covered in blood from Jackson. Other than that episode, Jackson seems to be liking having a little brother.


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