"Jackson Hug Jaseson"

I didn’t have time to enter a blog yesterday. So here are two updates in one! Jameson went up to 1481 grams yesterday (3lbs, 4 ounces), but went down a few grams to 1469 today. I have been getting to cuddle with the little guy more now, which is great! We might get to give him a bath tomorrow depending on how things are going.

They told us today that Jameson’s hematocrit is low today (29). It could be from all of the blood they have taken since he was born. We will find out in a day or so if he is producing red blood cells on his own yet. If so – they will just let him be and get himself stocked back up. If he isn’t making them yet, then I guess they will have to consider a blood transfusion. We will find out in a day or so though. The low blood count isn’t causing any symptoms yet. Hopefully his levels will go up now that his bilirubin is better and they aren’t taking blood everyday.

Last night when we were putting Jackson to bed, he passed a picture of Jameson on the fireplace mantle. He said “Hug Jaseson” “Jackson hug Jaseson”. Very cute! : ) Good night! More updates tomorrow.


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