Bye, Bye PICC

Jameson is doing well. I went to visit for over 3 hours today, mostly watching him sleep. I got to hold him, and he nursed again. He nursed longer today than yesterday – so that is good. They removed his PICC line today – so that is great! He is up to 18 cc’s every two hours now, and they started giving him vitamins as well. Last night he drank a few feedings from a bottle. His weigh in went well – he is up again today and weighs 1455 grams now. That is 3 lbs 3.2 ounces. He looks really good! He is starting to get a tiny bit of extra fat under his chin. 🙂

Jackson had a good day today. He had fun hanging out with Mark and I today. We cleaned the house and read some books. Jamie and JJ made us dinner tonight and he reallllly enjoyed having them over. We played basketball and had a lot of fun. Jackson got really hyper during basketball and then was carrying his big piano toy around and playing songs for everyone. We got some pretty funny videos of him tonight. He was so hyped out and running around that when he finally stopped, his head was all sweaty. He should sleep good tonight!


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