Time Flies

Time is flying by! Jameson is doing great! He is eating from a bottle every other feed now, and the nurse today said he is doing so well at it that she thinks they will give him a bottle on every feed soon. He is up to 3lbs 12 ounces now (1704 grams)! Here are the other weigh in’s: Thurs 4/27 = 1565 Fri 4/28 = 1604 Sat 4/29 = 1645 grams We finally got Jackson’s new room done. He seems to really like it and he took a nap today in his big boy bed!

Packing it On

Time is going by really fast! Jameson had a big growth day yesterday. His weight yesterday was 1561 – which is 3lbs 7 ounces! He went up 92 grams in one day! His length and OFC (head size) went up also. Here are the stats: length on 4/9 = 36.8 centimeters, 4/18 = 38.2 centimeters, 4/25 = 39.7 centimeters. The doctors look for a 1.0 – 1.5 centimeter per week growth in the babies, so he is doing great! OFC on 4/9 = 28 centimeters, 4/18 = 29 centimeters, 4/25 = 31.5 centimeters. The doctors are looking for a 0.5 – 1 centimeter per week growth for that, so he is doing great there as well!

Jameson nursed 2 times yesterday, for 12 minutes one time. Jameson must have needed some rest from growing because he only went up 4 grams to 1565 today. That is still good, the nurses all said that the babies usually lose a little the next day after having a huge gain like he did yesterday. We gave Jameson his first bath today! I thought he wouldn’t like it, but he actually seemed to enjoy it a bit. That is until I got his head wet, that made him a little upset. : )

"Jackson Hug Jaseson"

I didn’t have time to enter a blog yesterday. So here are two updates in one! Jameson went up to 1481 grams yesterday (3lbs, 4 ounces), but went down a few grams to 1469 today. I have been getting to cuddle with the little guy more now, which is great! We might get to give him a bath tomorrow depending on how things are going.

They told us today that Jameson’s hematocrit is low today (29). It could be from all of the blood they have taken since he was born. We will find out in a day or so if he is producing red blood cells on his own yet. If so – they will just let him be and get himself stocked back up. If he isn’t making them yet, then I guess they will have to consider a blood transfusion. We will find out in a day or so though. The low blood count isn’t causing any symptoms yet. Hopefully his levels will go up now that his bilirubin is better and they aren’t taking blood everyday.

Last night when we were putting Jackson to bed, he passed a picture of Jameson on the fireplace mantle. He said “Hug Jaseson” “Jackson hug Jaseson”. Very cute! : ) Good night! More updates tomorrow.

Jackson Photos

Just posted pictures of Jackson at the Civic Club.

Bye, Bye PICC

Jameson is doing well. I went to visit for over 3 hours today, mostly watching him sleep. I got to hold him, and he nursed again. He nursed longer today than yesterday – so that is good. They removed his PICC line today – so that is great! He is up to 18 cc’s every two hours now, and they started giving him vitamins as well. Last night he drank a few feedings from a bottle. His weigh in went well – he is up again today and weighs 1455 grams now. That is 3 lbs 3.2 ounces. He looks really good! He is starting to get a tiny bit of extra fat under his chin. 🙂

Jackson had a good day today. He had fun hanging out with Mark and I today. We cleaned the house and read some books. Jamie and JJ made us dinner tonight and he reallllly enjoyed having them over. We played basketball and had a lot of fun. Jackson got really hyper during basketball and then was carrying his big piano toy around and playing songs for everyone. We got some pretty funny videos of him tonight. He was so hyped out and running around that when he finally stopped, his head was all sweaty. He should sleep good tonight!

Jabber Jaw

The doctor also got to witness Jackson’s talking skills. She said he talks well and quite a bit! : ) Anyone that has been around Jackson knows he loves to talk – I don’t know where he got that from : )

5′ 8", Really?

Jackson had his 2 year well child visit. His doctor is very impressed with his progress. I guess he is ahead of the game with colors, shapes and counting. She also did a calculation using his current height and ours and she is saying Jackson will probably be 5’8″ when he is full grown. That is pretty good considering how short we both are! Jackson is still in about the 3rd percetile for weight – he weighs 22lbs, 9 ounces. He is a lean guy! He did really well when he got his shot today, he hardly even cried.