Jackson Photos

Forgot to post some pictures of Jackson from July so I just added them. There may be some interesting news coming out soon.

Heather and Ronny Photos

Just posted the pictures from Heather and Ronny’s wedding. I hope to have a slideshow ready soon that I can send out to the family but you can look at these for now.

Rest Little Man

Jackson has been feeling under the weather all week. Runny nose, cough, no appetite. Poor guy. At least he seems to be getting better each day. We took him to the doctor yesterday just to make sure he didn’t have an ear infection. Both ears were all clear! Angela and Jamie are at a Stila event so I will be watching him for a while. He is actually still sleeping. He is normally awake by 8:00, but I think the rest will do him good. I better not type too much, he might hear me :).