How Fast They Grow

Jackson is growing up so fast! He has 4 molars now, and 2 more teeth on the way. He has been saying more words, including kitty, baby, water (he says ‘wawa’) and fish. Yesterday the neighbors dog was barking at us, so Jackson would turn towards him each time and bark back! It was too cute! I think he is going to try and get his drivers license tomorrow. : ) Jackson is doing well despite the big gash on his head. He was ready to play 5 minutes after it happened. I am so glad they were able to use glue instead of stitches. It was hard enough holding him down while he was so upset for them to glue the injury. Stitches take longer and involve more shots – which would have been too hard to watch. You feel so bad watching your baby be so stressed out, even though it is in his own best interests. Hopefully he won’t scar from it.

Emergency Room

Jackson had a blast camping this weekend. Unfortunately, after we made it home he managed to fall and cut himself pretty bad on the forehead. We took him to the emergency room and luckily they were able to glue him back together. Sounds strange but it is apparently a lot easier than suturing. You couldn’t tell by how much he was screaming though. The woman at the check-in desk had the same birthday as Jackson, and the only other boy in the waiting room was named Jackson also. Weird.