Jackson Photos

Just added some pictures of Jackson from this weekend. Also, I replaced our text message page with a RSS news page. What can I say, I was a little bored while Angela and the little one were taking a nap. Now I just need to get a few good feeds added. Let me know if you have some favorites.


Just arrived at home after staying the night in Tacoma. Jackson fell asleep in the car and didn’t wake up once! He is in bed now. Good night little man. It was a great weekend for him because he visited all his grandparents, aunts and uncles. On top of that, tomorrow is a holiday and he gets to spend another day with his cool parents.

Big Guy

Today marks the end of Jackson’s transition into the toddler room (at daycare). From now on he is officially a big guy :).

Beautiful Son

Been awhile since I added an entry. Things are going well – Jackson is getting bigger and learning how to walk right now. It is hard to believe he is 1 already. The year has gone by so fast and he has changed so much! He is such a wonderful little man, I love him very much. We really are lucky to have such a beautiful son. I can’t wait until he can walk by himself – I think he will like it. He is getting better but wants to hold one hand still. He kinda points his feet out (like a duck) so I think he feels more unstable than he is. I think hanging around the older kids will help him out and he will be walking like a pro soon!

Jackson Photos

Just posted some pictures of Jackson from this morning. He has a strange obsession with keyboards. He and Angela are taking a nap right now :).

Mall Rats

We took Jackson to the mall today. He really likes the new play area there, even though he is usually one of the only crawlers. He was in really good spirits the whole time which was great since he was so not that way earlier. I think he may be having a bad reaction to his latest vaccinations. The doctor mentioned that this was possible so nothing to worry about yet. He is sound asleep now, and I have a feeling he may sleep very well tonight.