We just had a great Thanksgiving weekend with our family! Jackson got to visit a lot of people! Jackson is crawling better. He is very persistant – and I think he will be moving a lot in a few weeks. Better get the house fully crawl proofed! Oh yeah, Jackson got his first tooth on Monday (22nd). I think another one is coming in. Yowza!

A Better Jackson

Jackson is finally feeling better. Poor guy was pretty sick for a week. It is nice to have the happy, not-so-sick Jackson back! Jackson is now sitting up all by himself. He is really good at it now. He is also trying to crawl. He scooted across the floor last week, not a full crawl, but kind of a salamander type crawl. : ) Other than that, he is doing fantastic! Just being the wonderful baby that he always is!!


Jackson started saying ‘mom’ last week (Friday to be exact). It is so cute! He started out just babbling “mamamamamma”. But now he says it all the time. I love hearing him say it! He has been sick for the last week now. A nasty flu bug. Poor little guy. Hopefully he will get better soon.

Mark Back to Work

well, it has been a little while since we have entered a blog. Things have been going well! Mark went back to work last week. It was weird not having him around during the day – and we both missed him! Jackson is growing a lot – he has been going through a growth spurt and has been eating constantly!!