Green Beans

Jackson started eating grean beans yesterday. He seems to like those. He isn’t a fan of peaches though. Too bad he is feeling a little sick from all the shots though. Hopefully today he will be better today!!

6 Months

Jackson had his “6” month check-up on Friday. He did really well. His doctor is very happy with his growth and said he is progressing very well. He had 5 shots – ouch! He did really well though. The data: 16lb 12oz 26.5 inches

Spin Master

Jackson is doing great! He is eating peas, carrots, and we just added peaches to his menu. He loves peas the most though. : ) He is still rolling like a champ. If you turn your head he is across the room looking for fun things. He is getting much better at sitting up now. Just a little longer and he will be a pro! His favorite new noise is a half laugh half yell. It’s super cute – and he does it all day now!! He also has mastered the spin move. Before when he was playing on the ground he would have to roll around to get to things. Now he props himself up on his arms and while balancing on his belly – he just spins to the direction he wants to be pointed at!

Cereal and Peas

Jackson is up to eating cereal two times per day, and he started peas on Thursday! He didn’t seem to mind them too much, and actually opened his mouth for more bites! He is doing really well eating solid food. He seems to really like it now! He is up to 16.5 lbs now and moving around like a big boy. We are working on his sitting up skills now. He really is not a fan of sitting up 🙂