Rolling and Sipping

Jackson is rolling around really well now! As soon as you put him on the floor – he is off rolling (either from his back to his tummy or the other way around). We fed him rice cereal for the first time yesterday. He didn’t seem too impressed, but he ate a little bit of it. I gave him some more today – he ended up wearing more than he ate! We got some really cute videos though. He also got to start drinking from a sippy cup. He loves it!! So now he gets a small amount of water each day in one now that he is on his way to solids!

Expedition Inspiration Photos

Just added the pictures from the Expedition Inspiration walk.

Expedition Inspiration

We participated in the Expedition Inspiration Hike-for-a-cure yesterday. We lucked out and there was no rain! Jackson did well – he sure can sleep through a 2.5 mile walk with no problem! I won a pair of $199 rollerblades. Pretty cool – I just need to learn how to use them. 🙂 Yesterday was nice, and team Jackson (Michelle, my mom, Mark and I) were able to raise $630 for the charity! Thank you to all that sponsored us with your generous donations!!!

New Photos

Just added some pictures from my birthday BBQ and more of Jackson.

Painted House

Well, the house painting is complete and I have posted some before and after pictures. We were trying for charcoal with a *slight* blue tint but it ended up much more blue than we wanted. Oh well, it looks a lot better than before. Too bad we have that green roof!

More Shots

Jackson got another round of shots (4) on Friday. He did pretty well. He was feeling a little bad, and had a fever despite the Tylenol we gave him. However, even though his stomach was upset he was in a good mood all day. By Sunday – he was back to his cheerful self! The data: 14 lbs, 13 oz 25 inches 25 percentile on all measurements (including head).