Rolling Over

Well it has been awhile since I have blogged : ) Sunday afternoon – Jackson rolled over from his tummy to his side and almost all the way over to his back. Grandma said he rolled over all the way from his stomach to his back on Monday. Mark and I haven’t seen a repeat since though. Other than that all is well in Gibbs land. Jackson is doing great – and still the most handsome man ever! He starts daycare full time next week. Now I get to see him everyday at lunch!

New Photos

Just added some pictures from our trip to Leavenworth and a day at Family Fun Center.

Jackson Videos

Just added a few videos of Jackson from last week.

4 Months

Jackson is 4 months old now – I can’t believe it! He weighs 14.2 lbs, and is progressing very well. He smiles all the time, talks a lot, and is just a happy baby. He is such an angel. : )


Well, Jackson went to his first week at daycare. It was only 2 days, but he did really well. He didn’t even cry. They all love him there. Whenever I come over to visit him during the day, he is having fun looking around and talking to the babies and other people. So far so good! Plus, it is wonderful being able to see him a few times during the work day – I can make sure he is doing well, feed him and just have some quality Jackson time.