Daycare Visit

I took Jackson into his daycare for another visit today. I didn’t get to stay as long as I wanted – Jackson slept most of the time. I ended up getting a parking ticket at one of the meters because I was running late putting some extra change in it. Oh well, you try to save on parking and you end up with a $35 ticket! At least I was able to take Jackson into daycare again so that he could get used to it. Hopefully I will get used to the idea of him there as good as he is getting used to being there!!

Jackson Sleeping

Jackson is sleeping peacefully now, and I am just getting caught up on a few things. I am taking Jackson to his daycare today to get him used to it a bit while I am around. His first visit last week went really well. All of the other babies seemed very excited for some fresh meat in the place : ) They couldn’t wait to check him out and “tell” him all about the place!

Jackson Photos

Jackson got to see his grandparents quite a bit this weekend. I just posted some pictures and a video.

New Photos

Just added some pictures from our visit to Paradise Point last weekend and Jim and Fely’s visit yesterday.

13 Pounds

Things are going great here! Just weighed little man and he weighs 13 lbs now! He is growing so fast. : ) We have a busy weekend ahead full of grandparent visits and bbq’s. It should be a lot of fun!!

Back to Work

Well, today was my first day back at work. It was so hard to walk out of the house this morning and leave Jackson at home. I knew he was in good hands, but I didn’t know if I was going to be able to make it a full day without seeing his beautiful little face! I made it through the day – although I won’t lie and say I didn’t shed a few tears. Hopefully it will get easier as time passes. Nothing can compare to the absolutely perfect time I had at home with Jackson these last 3 months. Complete happiness and joy. : ) I am off to get a few hours of sleep before I need to feed the little man and get ready for work.

Father and Son

Jackson and I enjoyed our first day alone with each other. Actually, it went more smoothly than I was thinking. I even worked from home quite a few hours while he slept. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day so I better get some sleep :). I also just posted a bunch of pictures, mainly from the LFP Civic Club. FYI, there are pictures of Jackson in the “normal” pictures area. His personal section is mainly intended for our gratuitous pictures of him at home.