First Shots

Jackson had his first group of shots yesterday, five in all! He cried like a baby of course and we felt so bad for him. He calmed down pretty fast when Angela fed him right there in the office. He was asleep by the time we left and stayed that way for a few hours. When he woke up though, it was a little different. We had never seen him so upset. It took at least an hour for us to get him calm. He must have tired himself out with the constant screaming because he slept for hours again. Angela pretty much took care of him the rest of night. She did really well with the whole situation. I am so proud of her.

Sleeping Angels

I am getting ready to leave for a course I am taking for work. Angela and Jackson are both asleep and look really cute. Jackson sleeps next to his mom in his car seat :). He is getting so big, at least it sure seems like he is to me. It has been two months since he was born and in a way it seems like yesterday, but it also seems so long ago. Go figure.

Baby Bjorn

Jackson and I are just enjoying the beautiful day together! I have him in the Baby Bjorn so that I can do some stuff around the house while he is awake. So far so good. : ) I weighed Jackson this morning = he is 10.2 lbs now!!!