9 Pounds

Things are going well here! Jackson is getting bigger as we speak – he is now a bit over 9 lbs! We have been taking him out more, for walks and shopping trips. He does really well. Everyone comments on how cute and small he is. We agree with the cute part – but he seems big to us!! I guess we got to see him when he weighed in just under 5 lbs!

Hospital Portrait

Well, we received Jackson’s “official” hospital picture in the mail. It is not very good so we won’t be ordering any prints. Besides, we already have 300+ of our own to print if we want :). You can check out the picture on his page if you like.

Mark’s Favorites

I was just looking through the pictures of Jackson – for the millionth time, and I decided to look at the pics Mark has in the “Favorites” folder. I have always known Mark had a special talent for taking pictures, but seeing all of those together really makes his great eye stand out. I loved all of them, and they brought back some fantastic memories. Everyone should check them out!

8 Pounds

We took Jackson in a for a check up today. He weighs 8 lbs now! He has grown a couple of inches since he was born, and his head is definitely growing well! His head size is in a higher percentile than the rest of him!! The doctor said he looks great, although at that point jackson was pretty unhappy – he just wanted to go home and eat! I guess she got to experience his little temper at its best!

New Design

Redesigned the site. It looks a bit ghetto now, but I sort of like it. I guess you can call it a minimalist approach. I removed all the pages that were never updated and removed graphics and color. Let me know what you think :).

Rocking Jackson

Mark is in rocking Jackson to sleep right now, so I thought I would take a second to add a blog. Things are going great! Jackson is growing a lot, and Mark and I are really enjoying being parents. We have been in our own little world, just being a family. It has been so wonderful spending this time together – I can’t imagine anything better actually. I have to say it will be sad to have the ‘real world’ creep back in our lives.

Final Week

Well, I am down to my final week at home. It is pretty sad really. I am not a big vacation guy but I have been to a few great places. None of which can compare to just sitting at home with my new family. Not trying to make you puke but it has truly been a wonderful time. I feel lucky to have been able to spend these days with Angela and Jackson. I will remember them always.