New Photos

My parents came up with my aunt who is visiting from Korea. I have the pictures and a couple of videos online now. They are split between Jackson’s area and a new entry in the Pictures section.

Fantasy Loser

Jackson is still doing great. I wish the same could be said for my Fantasy Baseball team. At least I am no longer in last place and seem to be moving up. I finished second in basketball which was a pleasant surprise considering last season :).

2 Weeks

Jackson is over 2 weeks old now, and he is doing great! He is gaining weight well, and seems to be a happy baby. He is starting to stay awake a bit more, which is great. We can interact with him more – which usually entails me telling him how cute he is and how much I love him!! Even at 2:30 a.m. he is the cutest baby ever!

6 Pounds

Just got back from Jackson’s 2-week check-up and all is well. He had to get a couple of pokes and he took it like a baby. We found out he is a whopping 6 pounds now, a gain of 12 ounces in a week!

Jackson’s First Photo

I have added some more links to Jackson’s page. Most importantly, his first picture! Thanks to Jimmie and Kathy for having their camera as I wasn’t prepared because of the surprise delivery. Strange, Angela and I were thinking the night before that we should pack a bag and keep it in the car :).

New Photos and Video

More pictures and a video. For the sake of brevity I will probably stop posting these messages unless the pictures are a bit more interesting than a sleeping Jackson :).

1 Week

Hard to believe that Jackson is already over 1 week old! Time is really flying! Things are going great at home – and we are all very happy! Jackson lost his umbilical cord yesterday. Yeah no more ugly cord!!