Baby Shower

We just had a wonderful baby shower this weekend. The house was full of friends and family – it was really nice. It meant so much to us to get to see everyone, and I can’t believe how generous everyone was. It was a special day – and we thank all the people that put time into making it so nice. Many people brought great food and drinks for the shower. My mom and Jamie planned the event out, and executed it beautifully. Did I mention how good the lasagna Jamie made was? I will dream about that lasagna : )


Baby Shower

Well, the baby shower went wonderfully. Angie and I appreciate all the thoughtful gifts, but most all, loved having everyone over. I suppose it was a great occasion to celebrate a great occasion. BTW, I already have the pictures up and just started encoding the videos as I type this :).

New Videos

Just finished adding the videos tab and some of our videos. Kauai is missing since it was shot in MiniDV and is still being edited. I tried to use a compression rate that would satisfy broadband and dial-up users. I am sure that I messed that up though :).


Angela is doing great and I am very proud of how she is handling everything. Looks like we are going to have around 50 people at the shower next weekend. It will be a test of our house but should be fun.

Good Pressure

Well things seems to be going well. My blood pressure has stabilized, and they have allowed me to go back to work. I just have to rest when I am not at work, and keep an eye on my BP everyday. The baby is doing great. They monitor him twice per week, and so far he looks fantastic! He is getting bigger – I can tell by the way he is kicking me. : ) I don’t mind at all though, it means he is happy in there. Just over 3 more weeks then it is go time!

Bye, Bye, Dark Angel

Well, I mailed out our trusty F707 today to a lucky Ebayer. I was a bit sad to see the camera go as I loved it so much. Oh well, the F828 will have to do :).

3.5 Pounds

I had another doctor visit today. It started off with an NST (non stress test for the baby). Basically they put a monitor on my belly and record his heart beat and movements for 20-30 minutes. Everything looked great. He was moving for the doctor and his heart rate was good. Then we had an ultrasound – he is about 3.5 lbs now! The doctor did add some meds because the last change did not increase my cardiac output like they wanted. So far I am feeling well, but there is a trend that the doctors don’t like. They want my vessel constriction to relax and increase my cardiac output. They put me on bedrest until Monday – then after another visit they will determine then if I can go back to work. Biggest goal for me is to stay relaxed, get rest, and get this little guy all bulked up. Before we all know it we will have our bundle of joy here in the outside world!! We just want him healthy and happy – so we will do whatever it takes. : )