Furnace Up

The furnace is fixed! It turned out to be a leaf that was sucked into the air intake, blocking oxygen from getting to the ignitors. Still not sure how it happened since the tube is pretty much sealed except a little space between louvers. Oh well, it is warm now :).

Furnace Down

Well, our furnace seems to be out of commission at the moment. Hopefully, it will be fixed tomorrow. On a warmer note, I now have a 512MB SD card for my Pocket PC phone and a GPS receiver for it on the way. I’ll post a mini-review when I get a chance to play with it, umm, I mean use it to navigate to a location I could not have found otherwise.

Super Bowl

The “2nd Annual Super Bowl Extravaganza!” went very well. I should have taken some pictures but there didn’t seem to be any time between hosting and watching the game. I will have to work on this next year. Thanks to everyone that came over, you made it a great occasion for us. I am sure next year we will have the game in HD!

27 Weeks

Well I am 27 weeks along now, finally hitting the 7 month mark and my final trimester. The baby is pretty active now, he really likes flipping around and kicking me. I don’t mind at all – it just lets me know he’s happy and feeling good!